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Learn to come up into full king cobra step by step

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Learn how to come into the king cobra with this video demonstration.

The king cobra (Bhujangasana) opens the front of your body and builds flexibility in your spine.Learn to do it in three steps. Mentally/Emotionally the king cobra posture gives you inner strength and self-confidence. It helps to reach for the stars.

Recorded at Yoga Vidya, Bad Meinberg.

Demonstrated by Krishnapriya.
Camera: Ravidas.
Voice: Sita.

For more information on english yoga classes and seminars at Yoga Vidya you can click, HERE.

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    December 18, 2019, 08:26
    It also helps to open the lungs, which is therapeutic for asthma. This pose also stimulates the abdominal organs, improving digestion. An energizing backbend, Cobra reduces stress and fatigue. It also firms and tones the shoulders, abdomen, and buttocks, and helps to ease the pain of sciatica.

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  • 192.168.l.254
    January 08, 2020, 06:15
    The pose strengthens wrists, arms, shoulders and back muscles. Cobra Pose stretches and strengthens abdominal muscles and is uniquely beneficial for toning uterine muscles. Bhujangasana contracts the dorsal muscles in the lumbar region of the spine, toning and flushing out the kidneys.

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    February 13, 2020, 04:45
    Learn to do it in three steps. Mentally/Emotionally the king cobra posture gives you inner strength and self-confidence. It helps to reach for the stars.

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    It’s a really simple formula: Your experience + Yoga = New Students.

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    Cobra Pose is an invigorating back bend that can feel like an exciting journey. But if you tend to create most of the bend in your lower back, it can cause compression and pain, and excitement is quickly replaced by fear. Cobra Pose is best known for its ability to increase the flexibility of the spine. It stretches the chest while strengthening the spine and shoulders. It also helps to open the lungs, which is therapeutic for asthma. This pose also stimulates the abdominal organs, improving digestion.

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