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Practice the half lotus plow variation - intermediate yoga video

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Learn how to come into an intermediate variation of the plow (Halasana) with this video demonstration.

The plow (Halasana) is a great way to increase flexibility in the back of the body, release tensions in your shoulder- and neck region. Mentally/Emotionally the plow develops the patience for long-term changes.

Recorded at Yoga Vidya, Bad Meinberg.

Demonstrated by Ruth.
Camera: Ravidas.
Voice: Sita.

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    Lotus Pose is perhaps the most recognized yoga pose today, even by people who don't practice yoga. ... The Sanskrit word for this pose, "Padmasana" (pahd-MAHS-uh-nuh), is named after the lotus flower, or "padma." In the full position, your legs become like the petals of a lotus flower, gently dropping open.

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