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Practice the half lotus plow variation - intermediate yoga video

Download (13,2 MB)

Learn how to come into an intermediate variation of the plow (Halasana) with this video demonstration.

The plow (Halasana) is a great way to increase flexibility in the back of the body, release tensions in your shoulder- and neck region. Mentally/Emotionally the plow develops the patience for long-term changes.

Recorded at Yoga Vidya, Bad Meinberg.

Demonstrated by Ruth.
Camera: Ravidas.
Voice: Sita.

For more information on english yoga classes and seminars at Yoga Vidya you can click, HERE.

For more information on all topics related to yoga, videos, blogs, music, etc. please see HERE.

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    Lotus Pose is perhaps the most recognized yoga pose today, even by people who don't practice yoga. ... The Sanskrit word for this pose, "Padmasana" (pahd-MAHS-uh-nuh), is named after the lotus flower, or "padma." In the full position, your legs become like the petals of a lotus flower, gently dropping open.

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    Mentally/Emotionally the plow develops the patience for long-term changes.?

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    I believed yoga would help my body to recover fast soon as possible. I'm so happy.

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    Yoga teachers must be willing to step down from this imagined pedestal and utter the words “I don’t know” on a regular basis.

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    The Lotus Pose, known in Sanskrit as Padmasana, comes from padma meaning lotus and asana meaning posture. The pose is often used as a resting pose to calm the mind and body as well as focus on controlled breathing. It also stretches the muscles of the hips and back.

    Practicing lotus position can open up the hips and instill a calming sensation that is perfect for the most scatter-brained or tense person. Overall, lotus position helps restore harmony, while keeping the body limber.

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